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Mr. Yacob P
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+62341-462393 / 0811369588
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Ir. Sukarno 54, batu
malang, Jawa Timur
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e- mail : yacob_ p@
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Our company line business is manufacturer, maintenance, repair and design various kind of hydraulic machine ( hydraulic mould press machine, hydraulic C type press machine, hydraulic scissor table lift, hydraulic deep drawing press, hydraulic bale press, hydraulic shearing guillotine, hydraulic bending, hydraulic power unit, hydraulic actuator, etc) . Capacity up to 1000TON.

Also we accept order for machining ( lathe machine, milling machine, drilling, planner, boring, etc) , sheet metal work ( shearing, bending, forming, drawing, blanking, punching, press mould, etc) with our hydraulic press capacity up to 500TON & steel construction customized order ( agitator, mixer, tank, welding, machine line construction, tower construction, etc) .

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